Happy Holidays : Bull markets ahead

2017 launces renewed asset growth period

Risk-taking will deliver strong returns

Australian, Euro-zone, Chinese and Japanese bull market starting now

American share market to continue to rise to new heights … bull market continues

Australia :  ASX 200 Index …. new high expected over next 2 years


Buying shares and property in Australia ( especially Western Australia )

reducing cash 

taking risks now appears most appropriate

Expect further pronounced strength to continue

over next 18 – 24 months

The landscape has changed fundamentally:

  1. When pertinent information changes, we change our prognosis:- Trump is set to cut corporate taxes radically, invest aggressively in new infrastructure spending and hence re-invigorate growth. Continuation of the bull market there and in metal /mineral prices will support relaunching our share market to new highs over the next two years. 
  2. Economic and financial prospects returning to normal
  3. Environment now ripe to accept more financial and business risk
  4. New highs in our share market on the cards
  5. Go for higher risk investments, and buy aggressively
  6. Our share market is cheap, relative to most other world markets – invest here
  7. Western Australian property is stabilising around a bottom area – get in quick.

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