Graham Brecker

Relevant experience includes:-

  • 20 years experience as an investment analyst and share portfolio manager in the investment departments of various large life insurers and stockbrokers
  • being Montagu Stock Brokers’ accountant for five years till 2003
  • Independent stockbroker providing investment research, advice and stockbroker dealing services – to wholesale and retail clients – under his own ASIC Australian Financial Services Licence  number 241467 between December 2004 and October 2006

Graham practices as an accountant, has a B.Comm, an Honours degree in Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance.



  • Initial consultations to assess scope of works are free
  • Fixed cost, retainer, success-fee and combinations thereof


 Strategic success

  • External environments experience systemic, trend and cyclical changes. Your business strategy and personal resources should, preferably in advance of negative impacts, therefore adjust accordingly
  • Corporate/personal resources and abilities are assessed in relation to medium-term prospective changes in circumstances, including the demand outlook. This analysis provides the fundamental motivation to engineer a re-directed growth strategy and new vision
  • Directed by  prospective return-on-investment in alternative scenarios, a favoured strategic plan is developed
  • We will also devise mechanisms and processes to achieve direction, focus and intent such that your optimal medium-term vision can be achieved
  • Efforts to achieve this success includes advice on gaining and maintaining effective customers and motivated team members and setting associated financial parameters to drive the new strategy.

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